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Action Point – It may be very telling of my age or, god forbid, my growing maturity but I think I’ve grown beyond my fanboying over Jackass, CKY and that ilk. Case in point is this new film headed by Johnny Knoxville, which looks like a mash-up of Meatballs and Adventureland, but aimed to bring in that exact crowd. The only other Jackass guy that features is “Wildboy” Chris Pontius and in a formulaic, paint by numbers film that only clocks in at less than an hour and twenty-five minutes. The crazy thing is this movie feels long! It also feels like it could have been a direct release to streaming services because let’s face it, the Workaholics film Game Over, Man was a lot funnier and got slaughtered by critics. This film barely got five laughs from me.

2 Fast 2 Furious – It was only a few short weeks ago that I was ripping on the sixth film in the Fast and Furious franchise for giving that faltering point before the whole house of cards started to shake for the second time. This John Singleton directed turd pretty much killed the want for any more of these films before the Tokyo Drift revival being that it really was that bad. No Vin Diesel and the addition of Ludacris and Tyrese started the tanking of this film and garishly neon CG pretty much finished it off for me. Did we really need to zoom through the engine every time we had a race? At the time the third film was announced in a bit to correct the course, I was surprised Universal was even shell out for it but given the studio decisions these days it kind of set a precedence in a way.

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