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I Feel Pretty – Amy Schumer is definitely a polarizing comedian. I like her, my wife likes her but there are a lot of people who don’t. Admittedly, I was a few seasons late to the Inside Amy Schumer bandwagon and generally find myself laughing quite a bit during her sketches and mostly the one on one interview scenes that close out the show. Her self-deprecating humor works in this context, something I like about her. Then she made Trainwreck with Judd Apatow, a film I will watch if I notice it on the movie channel because I think it is absolutely hilarious even if the runtime is a little drawn out. She then moved on to her second feature, Snatched, a film that was only saved by the returning Goldie Hawn, an actress who hadn’t been on the big screen in fifteen years. Then there’s this new horrendous experience, one that I couldn’t escape fast enough. Schumer plays a woman with massive insecurities who, after a nasty bump on her head in spin class, gains confident in herself, her body and her beauty. The comedy comes from the fact that no one else can see this change in her making every interaction painfully awkward and I couldn’t stand it. This film feels like one of the misfired sketches that struggles to find and ending but still tries to haphazardly jam a message in at the same time. Honestly, Amy Schumer is going to need something incredible to erase this one from my memory.


James Cameron is talking shit…. again – Let’s put things into a timely context. Do you remember when James Cameron proclaimed himself the “King Of The World” after cleaning up at the Oscars in 1998? Well, it’s been twenty years since and he has only made one feature film since, albeit it was Avatar which made close to three billion dollars but my point is that he is hardly the King any longer. This doesn’t stop him from making terrible comments about other people’s work, meanwhile his constantly pushed back Avatar sequels become less and less relevant. A while back Cameron shot his mouth off saying that Wonder Woman wasn’t as progressive for women as it was being celebrated to be and, no matter how I or any man feels about the film, this is definitely an untrue statement. Patty Jenkins SHOULD be celebrated as the film did break down many barriers. Now Cameron is taking aim at Marvel and the Avengers by saying that we’ve had enough of these films, which seems to be convenient coming from a guy that wants to saturate us in his world of Pandora, so much so that he even had a theme park built. Is this a real gripe with superhero movies in general or is he just worried that we won’t give a crap about his “Pocahontas meets Smurfs” films when or if they finally get made? Seems like a guy fighting for his last piece of relevancy as the new generation scratches their heads wonder who the hell this guy is.

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